Shane Kennedy is a New York based artist who originally hails from middle Tennessee. Shane is proficient in a wide array of binary, electronic, dimensional and analog media. Starting in Nashville in 2001, Kennedy participated in the evolutionary construction of the Art for Humans website network and contributed to many innovative online and physical exhibits. Since 2007, Shane has served as program director of AFH, assisting/specializing in AV and internet-based art production on significant multi-disciplinary, multimedia projects. Between 2001-9, he engaged in supplemental, character-building/training, which entailed (among other things) traversing the country by car approximately 21 times and living in a White Cube for 9 months in Los Angeles' Chinatown. [Weirdest Road Anecdote: searching Prince's refrigerator for left-overs]. Shane holds a BFA at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, where he integrated more traditional media into his praxis. His website is